West Umatilla Mosquito Control District

Call the West Umatilla Vector Control District at 541-567-5201


The Umatilla County Public Health Department at 541-278-5432

Avoid direct contact with the bird.

Wear disposable latex gloves while handling the bird or wear gloves that can immediately be put through a hot soapy wash. A dead bird can also be picked up by inverting a plastic bag on your hand and grasping the bird through the plastic.

Double bag the bird in plastic and place in the garbage, unless otherwise instructed by the health district. Wash your hands.

Do not bring the bird into your home.

Do not eat, drink, smoke or touch your face with the gloves while handling the bird.

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after handling the bird.

Only certain birds will be collected.

Many species of birds can be infected with WNV and have no symptoms or illness. Birds that are more susceptible are the corvids (crows, ravens and magpies) and raptors.

All birds accepted for testing must be:

  • Freshly dead (within 24 hours)
  • Intact (with no physical trauma)
  • Dead by natural causes

magpie and crow

West Umatilla Mosquito Control District

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