West Umatilla Mosquito Control District

The West Umatilla Vector Control District faces some challenges due to the large number of mosquito producing acres in Umatilla County. For many reasons, from staff limitations to restricted access sites, many of the mosquitoes produced in Umatilla County are never detected or abated. As a result, mosquitoes looking for resting sites may end up at your home. This is especially true in the rural areas. So the district provides a free service to reduce mosquito numbers for residents in the district who have a mosquito problem around the home. Residents may contact our office to schedule a service request. Information about your residence and your problem will be taken and forwarded to the operations staff. Normally a technician will be dispatched and come out to your home to make an assessment. A recommendation will be made regarding what action(s) should be taken based on his/her findings. Often the technician can find a water source on or near your property producing mosquitoes and can eliminate it, solving the problem.

When day resting mosquitoes can be found during daytime hours and no larval source seems obvious, a chemical treatment is generally warranted. In the summertime the treatment will typically be an adulticide application.

Please contact our office to submit a mosquito control service request.


West Umatilla Mosquito Control District

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