West Umatilla Mosquito Control District

West Umatilla Vector Control District was created in 1972 under provisions of Chapter 452, Oregon Revised Statutes to provide a program for relief from mosquitoes in a 515 square mile area of Western Umatilla County.

Changes in the Statutes have substantially altered the definition of "public health vectors" to include additional arthropods and rodents since the formation of the district. As the district was originally formed and funded for mosquito control, the boards of trustees have designated that mosquito control shall be the principal program of the district. However the board has established the policy that the district will provide to residents of the district technical information regarding other vector pest and their control so far as personnel, time, and monies permit.

The district board of trustee's have established policy and guidelines and employed personnel to implement a comprehensive control program. The program is reviewed annually for revisions to adjust to regulatory and ecological requirements or changing conditions.

The district program is financed by a property tax levy. A tax base for the district was established in the fall of 1972 and increased in May of 1996.

Mosquito control today is an integrated management program that recognizes that mosquito populations cannot always be eliminated, but can be suppressed to tolerable levels for the well being of humans, domestic animals or wildlife. Selection of scientifically sound methods must be based on consideration of what is ecologically and economically in the best interest of mankind over the long term.

Much of the progress in the district program is due to the support, cooperation and assistance received from numerous individuals, firms and agencies and is greatly appreciated by the board of trustees and district employees.

West Umatilla Mosquito Control District

Dedicated to the Protection of Public Health Through the Reduction of Public Health Vectors